Working with children on a wedding day

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I tell you what, there's not much cuter than a flower girl or ring bearer walking down the aisle on a wedding day!  Don't take my word for it, though, just check out all the cell phones that are whipped out to get a shot of the kiddos walking down the aisle.  

There's almost as much excitement from the guests at this moment as when the bride walks down the aisle!  But a day can get SO long for these little ones - sometimes starting their day 4-5 hours before they even walk down the aisle.  As a photographer, you need to make it your job to get buy in from these kids from the get-go.  That way, when they are tired, cranky, and three hours past their nap time, you can still (kind of) get them to (sort of) stand still and (almost) smile during the family portraits after the ceremony.  Granted, there's a lot of jumping, laughing and generally making a fool of someone to make the kids laugh, but that buy in is key to getting them to trust you enough to laugh on camera.  Some kids, this is easy, and that's usually evident at the beginning of the day.  

Tyler Rieth Photography >> Baltimore, Maryland Wedding PhotographerTyler Rieth Photography >> Baltimore, Maryland Wedding PhotographerTyler Rieth is a photojournalistic styled wedding, portrait and event photographer located in Harford County, Maryland. Wedding photography services in Baltimore, Washington DC, Northern Virginia and Delaware.

Sometimes, it's not as easy.  Sometimes they are just shy and take a bit longer to get comfortable around you.  Hey, I get it, it's a long day, especially without a nap, and there are a TON of strangers setting off the "stranger danger" radar!  Take this little one, we'll call her Sasha.  For a lot of the beginning of the day, I would catch in the corner of my eye Sasha looking at me; when I would look over and smile at her, she would turn and run to her mom.  She is such a cutie, but I could tell that getting that buy in was going to be tough.

Courtney Bryan Wedding-291Courtney Bryan Wedding-291 Most of the morning pictures looked similar to this - I just had to figure out that hook.   Then it hit me, as we were doing the bridal portraits in the inner harbor - she hadn't been looking at me all morning, she was looking at my camera.  I immediately went over to my case, pulled out my backup camera and backup lens and asked her to be my "assistant" and showed her how to take pictures.  This took all of about three minutes, but it was that hook that we needed.  Kudos to Jeff Groleau Photography for catching the behind the scenes for me.

Courtney Bryan Wedding-318Courtney Bryan Wedding-318 Courtney Bryan Wedding-320Courtney Bryan Wedding-320 Courtney Bryan Wedding-322Courtney Bryan Wedding-322 Courtney Bryan Wedding-324Courtney Bryan Wedding-324 Courtney Bryan Wedding-325Courtney Bryan Wedding-325 Courtney Bryan Wedding-327Courtney Bryan Wedding-327

She was shooting while I was, and she loved it!  From there, we got along great, and she actually smiled for the camera!

Courtney Bryan Wedding-358Courtney Bryan Wedding-358 Sometimes it's easy, and you'll get a kiddo who loves meeting new people and naturally works the camera.  Sometimes you have to work for it, but that makes the smile all that more beautiful and genuine!  One of the many reasons I LOVE being a wedding photographer.

Jenee and Joseph | Baltimore Wedding Photography

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Stepping Stone Farm Museum just recently over the past few years has started to offer their services for weddings and receptions, and I have to say, it's a great spot to get married!  Jenee and Joseph's wedding day was a somewhat chilly day in October, with beautiful colors all around.  I absolutely loved photographing their wedding - the only "problem" was narrowing down where to take the photos!  There were so many awesome spots, and the bride and groom were looking great!  This was also my first time working with DJ Russ from Baltimore's Premier Event Solutions - if you're looking for someone to keep the party going, definitely give them a buzz and ask for Russ.  Here are a few photos from their reception slideshow - enjoy!

2015-10-17_00042015-10-17_0004 2015-10-17_00052015-10-17_0005 2015-10-17_00032015-10-17_0003 2015-10-17_00062015-10-17_0006 2015-10-17_00082015-10-17_0008 2015-10-17_00102015-10-17_0010 2015-10-17_00112015-10-17_0011 2015-10-17_00122015-10-17_0012 2015-10-17_00132015-10-17_0013 2015-10-17_00142015-10-17_0014 2015-10-17_00152015-10-17_0015 2015-10-17_00162015-10-17_0016 2015-10-17_00172015-10-17_0017 2015-10-17_00182015-10-17_0018 2015-10-17_00202015-10-17_0020 2015-10-17_00212015-10-17_0021 2015-10-17_00222015-10-17_0022 2015-10-17_00232015-10-17_0023 2015-10-17_00242015-10-17_0024 2015-10-17_00252015-10-17_0025 2015-10-17_00262015-10-17_0026 2015-10-17_00282015-10-17_0028 2015-10-17_00302015-10-17_0030 2015-10-17_00322015-10-17_0032 2015-10-17_00332015-10-17_0033 2015-10-17_00352015-10-17_0035 2015-10-17_00362015-10-17_0036 2015-10-17_00382015-10-17_0038 2015-10-17_00402015-10-17_0040 2015-10-17_00422015-10-17_0042 2015-10-17_00452015-10-17_0045 2015-10-17_00462015-10-17_0046 2015-10-17_00472015-10-17_0047 2015-10-17_00482015-10-17_0048 2015-10-17_00492015-10-17_0049 2015-10-17_00502015-10-17_0050 2015-10-17_00512015-10-17_0051 2015-10-17_00532015-10-17_0053 2015-10-17_00632015-10-17_0063 2015-10-17_00652015-10-17_0065 2015-10-17_00662015-10-17_0066 2015-10-17_00672015-10-17_0067 2015-10-17_00682015-10-17_0068 2015-10-17_00692015-10-17_0069 2015-10-17_00702015-10-17_0070 2015-10-17_00712015-10-17_0071 2015-10-17_00722015-10-17_0072 2015-10-17_00742015-10-17_0074 2015-10-17_00752015-10-17_0075 2015-10-17_00762015-10-17_0076

Lauren and Jeremy | Baltimore Wedding Photography

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The Kitty Knight House will always hold a very special place in my heart, as it was the very first place I EVER photographed a wedding by myself.  Wow, what a difference five years will make!  The last time I was there, I was stressed beyond belief because the sun wasn't "behaving", my not knowing what to do, and figuring it out as I went along.  Lauren and Jeremy's wedding was the exact opposite.  We had so much fun, and the KKH makes for an extremely relaxing venue - as long as you know what to do if the sun isn't where you wish it was!  Here are some photos from Lauren and Jeremy's reception slideshow.  Enjoy!

2015-10-10_00012015-10-10_0001 2015-10-10_00042015-10-10_0004 2015-10-10_00092015-10-10_0009 2015-10-10_00112015-10-10_0011 2015-10-10_00122015-10-10_0012 2015-10-10_00132015-10-10_0013 2015-10-10_00142015-10-10_0014 2015-10-10_00152015-10-10_0015 2015-10-10_00182015-10-10_0018 2015-10-10_00192015-10-10_0019 2015-10-10_00212015-10-10_0021 2015-10-10_00222015-10-10_0022 2015-10-10_00232015-10-10_0023 2015-10-10_00242015-10-10_0024 2015-10-10_00262015-10-10_0026 2015-10-10_00272015-10-10_0027 2015-10-10_00282015-10-10_0028 2015-10-10_00302015-10-10_0030 2015-10-10_00312015-10-10_0031 2015-10-10_00342015-10-10_0034 2015-10-10_00352015-10-10_0035 2015-10-10_00372015-10-10_0037 2015-10-10_00382015-10-10_0038 2015-10-10_00392015-10-10_0039 2015-10-10_00412015-10-10_0041 2015-10-10_00422015-10-10_0042 2015-10-10_00432015-10-10_0043 2015-10-10_00452015-10-10_0045 2015-10-10_00472015-10-10_0047 2015-10-10_00482015-10-10_0048 2015-10-10_00502015-10-10_0050 2015-10-10_00522015-10-10_0052 2015-10-10_00542015-10-10_0054 2015-10-10_00552015-10-10_0055 2015-10-10_00562015-10-10_0056 2015-10-10_00592015-10-10_0059 2015-10-10_00602015-10-10_0060 2015-10-10_00612015-10-10_0061 2015-10-10_00632015-10-10_0063 2015-10-10_00642015-10-10_0064 2015-10-10_00652015-10-10_0065 2015-10-10_00662015-10-10_0066 2015-10-10_00672015-10-10_0067 2015-10-10_00682015-10-10_0068 2015-10-10_00692015-10-10_0069 2015-10-10_00762015-10-10_0076 2015-10-10_00772015-10-10_0077 2015-10-10_00782015-10-10_0078 2015-10-10_00792015-10-10_0079 2015-10-10_00802015-10-10_0080 2015-10-10_00812015-10-10_0081 2015-10-10_00832015-10-10_0083 2015-10-10_00842015-10-10_0084 2015-10-10_00852015-10-10_0085 2015-10-10_00872015-10-10_0087 2015-10-10_00882015-10-10_0088 2015-10-10_00892015-10-10_0089 2015-10-10_00902015-10-10_0090 2015-10-10_00912015-10-10_0091 2015-10-10_00922015-10-10_0092 2015-10-10_00942015-10-10_0094 2015-10-10_00952015-10-10_0095 2015-10-10_00962015-10-10_0096

Jackie and DJ | Baltimore Wedding Photography

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OK, so I occasionally head on down to Virginia to photograph a wedding or two over the course of the year, and for some reason, it's always at The Waterford in Springfield, VA.  It's a beautiful spot, with everything right there where you need it.  The ceremony was absolutely gorgeous, and the reception was INSANE!  Jackie and DJ had a live band - The Rockets - and if you are looking for a live band, look no further.  These guys are awesome!  There was even an appearance from Screech and Teddy from the Washington Nationals!  Of course, they came halfway through the reception, so none of the photos were in the reception slideshow, so I'll have to add some photos to this post later.  Here's some photos from their slideshow - enjoy!

2015-10-03_00012015-10-03_0001 2015-10-03_00022015-10-03_0002 2015-10-03_00032015-10-03_0003 2015-10-03_00042015-10-03_0004 2015-10-03_00052015-10-03_0005 2015-10-03_00062015-10-03_0006 2015-10-03_00072015-10-03_0007 2015-10-03_00082015-10-03_0008 2015-10-03_00092015-10-03_0009 2015-10-03_00102015-10-03_0010 2015-10-03_00112015-10-03_0011 2015-10-03_00122015-10-03_0012 2015-10-03_00132015-10-03_0013 2015-10-03_00142015-10-03_0014 2015-10-03_00152015-10-03_0015 2015-10-03_00162015-10-03_0016 2015-10-03_00172015-10-03_0017 2015-10-03_00182015-10-03_0018 2015-10-03_00192015-10-03_0019 2015-10-03_00202015-10-03_0020 2015-10-03_00212015-10-03_0021 2015-10-03_00222015-10-03_0022 2015-10-03_00232015-10-03_0023 2015-10-03_00242015-10-03_0024 2015-10-03_00252015-10-03_0025 2015-10-03_00262015-10-03_0026 2015-10-03_00272015-10-03_0027 2015-10-03_00282015-10-03_0028 2015-10-03_00292015-10-03_0029 2015-10-03_00302015-10-03_0030 2015-10-03_00312015-10-03_0031 2015-10-03_00322015-10-03_0032 2015-10-03_00332015-10-03_0033 2015-10-03_00342015-10-03_0034 2015-10-03_00352015-10-03_0035 2015-10-03_00362015-10-03_0036 2015-10-03_00372015-10-03_0037 2015-10-03_00382015-10-03_0038 2015-10-03_00392015-10-03_0039 2015-10-03_00402015-10-03_0040 2015-10-03_00412015-10-03_0041 2015-10-03_00422015-10-03_0042 2015-10-03_00432015-10-03_0043 2015-10-03_00442015-10-03_0044 2015-10-03_00452015-10-03_0045 2015-10-03_00462015-10-03_0046 2015-10-03_00472015-10-03_0047 2015-10-03_00482015-10-03_0048 2015-10-03_00492015-10-03_0049 2015-10-03_00502015-10-03_0050 2015-10-03_00512015-10-03_0051 2015-10-03_00522015-10-03_0052 2015-10-03_00532015-10-03_0053 2015-10-03_00542015-10-03_0054 2015-10-03_00552015-10-03_0055 2015-10-03_00562015-10-03_0056 2015-10-03_00572015-10-03_0057 2015-10-03_00582015-10-03_0058 2015-10-03_00592015-10-03_0059 2015-10-03_00602015-10-03_0060 2015-10-03_00612015-10-03_0061 2015-10-03_00622015-10-03_0062 2015-10-03_00632015-10-03_0063 2015-10-03_00642015-10-03_0064

Jenny and Gary | Harford County Wedding Photography

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What a beautiful day for a wedding!  Photographing Jenny and Gary's wedding at Swan Harbor Farm was such a fun time!  It's always a great time, especially when Frank from Friendly Entertainment is spinning the tunes!  Here are just a couple of the photos from their reception slideshow.  Enjoy!

2015-08-22_00012015-08-22_0001 2015-08-22_00022015-08-22_0002 2015-08-22_00032015-08-22_0003 2015-08-22_00042015-08-22_0004 2015-08-22_00052015-08-22_0005 2015-08-22_00082015-08-22_0008 2015-08-22_00092015-08-22_0009 2015-08-22_00112015-08-22_0011 2015-08-22_00122015-08-22_0012 2015-08-22_00132015-08-22_0013 2015-08-22_00142015-08-22_0014 2015-08-22_00152015-08-22_0015 2015-08-22_00162015-08-22_0016 2015-08-22_00172015-08-22_0017 2015-08-22_00182015-08-22_0018 2015-08-22_00192015-08-22_0019 2015-08-22_00202015-08-22_0020 2015-08-22_00212015-08-22_0021 2015-08-22_00222015-08-22_0022 2015-08-22_00232015-08-22_0023 2015-08-22_00242015-08-22_0024 2015-08-22_00252015-08-22_0025 2015-08-22_00262015-08-22_0026 2015-08-22_00272015-08-22_0027 2015-08-22_00282015-08-22_0028 2015-08-22_00292015-08-22_0029 2015-08-22_00302015-08-22_0030 2015-08-22_00312015-08-22_0031 2015-08-22_00322015-08-22_0032 2015-08-22_00332015-08-22_0033 2015-08-22_00342015-08-22_0034 2015-08-22_00352015-08-22_0035 2015-08-22_00362015-08-22_0036 2015-08-22_00372015-08-22_0037 2015-08-22_00382015-08-22_0038 2015-08-22_00392015-08-22_0039 2015-08-22_00402015-08-22_0040 2015-08-22_00422015-08-22_0042 2015-08-22_00432015-08-22_0043 2015-08-22_00452015-08-22_0045 2015-08-22_00462015-08-22_0046 2015-08-22_00472015-08-22_0047 2015-08-22_00482015-08-22_0048 2015-08-22_00492015-08-22_0049

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