Baltimore Wedding Photographer | Megan and Josh's Wedding

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Megan and Josh are such a FUN couple!   In case you missed them, definitely check out the blog posts for their engagement sessions - we shot their traditional engagement photos at a horse farm, and then another at their gym.   After spending some time with them, I KNEW that their wedding was going to be an absolutely KILLER time!   We started off at Megan's, and then soon went off to Josh's parents - once again, we deviated from the norm, broke out the camo and shotguns and took some fun photos outside.   The ceremony took place at Geneva Farms Golf Course, and the weather just held out long enough to get some great shots - enjoy!

Megan Josh Wedding-871Megan Josh Wedding-871 Megan Josh Wedding-6Megan Josh Wedding-6 Megan Josh Wedding-25Megan Josh Wedding-25 Megan Josh Wedding-29Megan Josh Wedding-29 Megan Josh Wedding-35Megan Josh Wedding-35 Megan Josh Wedding-61Megan Josh Wedding-61 Megan Josh Wedding-67Megan Josh Wedding-67 Megan Josh Wedding-81Megan Josh Wedding-81 Megan Josh Wedding-136Megan Josh Wedding-136 Megan Josh Wedding-138Megan Josh Wedding-138 Megan Josh Wedding-183Megan Josh Wedding-183 Megan Josh Wedding-202Megan Josh Wedding-202 Megan Josh Wedding-203Megan Josh Wedding-203 Megan Josh Wedding-207Megan Josh Wedding-207 Megan Josh Wedding-186Megan Josh Wedding-186 Megan Josh Wedding-192Megan Josh Wedding-192 Megan Josh Wedding-212Megan Josh Wedding-212 Megan Josh Wedding-222Megan Josh Wedding-222 Megan Josh Wedding-225Megan Josh Wedding-225 Megan Josh Wedding-245Megan Josh Wedding-245 Megan Josh Wedding-193Megan Josh Wedding-193 Megan Josh Wedding-195Megan Josh Wedding-195 Megan Josh Wedding-556Megan Josh Wedding-556 Megan Josh Wedding-559Megan Josh Wedding-559                                                                                             Megan Josh Wedding-313Megan Josh Wedding-313 Megan Josh Wedding-294Megan Josh Wedding-294 Megan Josh Wedding-332Megan Josh Wedding-332 Megan Josh Wedding-347Megan Josh Wedding-347 Megan Josh Wedding-354Megan Josh Wedding-354     Megan Josh Wedding-367Megan Josh Wedding-367 Megan Josh Wedding-364Megan Josh Wedding-364 Megan Josh Wedding-376Megan Josh Wedding-376 Megan Josh Wedding-414Megan Josh Wedding-414 Megan Josh Wedding-388Megan Josh Wedding-388 Megan Josh Wedding-403Megan Josh Wedding-403 Megan Josh Wedding-436Megan Josh Wedding-436 Megan Josh Wedding-419Megan Josh Wedding-419 Megan Josh Wedding-433Megan Josh Wedding-433 Megan Josh Wedding-378Megan Josh Wedding-378 Megan Josh Wedding-380Megan Josh Wedding-380 Megan Josh Wedding-489Megan Josh Wedding-489 Megan Josh Wedding-523Megan Josh Wedding-523 Megan Josh Wedding-528Megan Josh Wedding-528 Megan Josh Wedding-565Megan Josh Wedding-565 Megan Josh Wedding-574Megan Josh Wedding-574 Megan Josh Wedding-577Megan Josh Wedding-577 Megan Josh Wedding-588Megan Josh Wedding-588 Megan Josh Wedding-596Megan Josh Wedding-596 Megan Josh Wedding-614Megan Josh Wedding-614 Megan Josh Wedding-623Megan Josh Wedding-623 Megan Josh Wedding-627Megan Josh Wedding-627 Megan Josh Wedding-630Megan Josh Wedding-630 Megan Josh Wedding-641Megan Josh Wedding-641 Megan Josh Wedding-665Megan Josh Wedding-665 Megan Josh Wedding-715Megan Josh Wedding-715 Megan Josh Wedding-722Megan Josh Wedding-722 Megan Josh Wedding-783Megan Josh Wedding-783 Megan Josh Wedding-792Megan Josh Wedding-792 Megan Josh Wedding-861Megan Josh Wedding-861 Megan Josh Wedding-864Megan Josh Wedding-864 Megan Josh Wedding-927Megan Josh Wedding-927 Megan Josh Wedding-921Megan Josh Wedding-921 f Megan Josh Wedding-917Megan Josh Wedding-917 Megan Josh Wedding-924Megan Josh Wedding-924   Megan Josh Wedding-934Megan Josh Wedding-934 Megan Josh Wedding-937Megan Josh Wedding-937   Megan Josh Wedding-951Megan Josh Wedding-951 Megan Josh Wedding-968Megan Josh Wedding-968 Megan Josh Wedding-996Megan Josh Wedding-996   Megan Josh Wedding-1032Megan Josh Wedding-1032 Megan Josh Wedding-1203Megan Josh Wedding-1203 Megan Josh Wedding-1385Megan Josh Wedding-1385 Megan Josh Wedding-1099Megan Josh Wedding-1099 Megan Josh Wedding-1097Megan Josh Wedding-1097 Megan Josh Wedding-1577Megan Josh Wedding-1577 Megan Josh Wedding-1892Megan Josh Wedding-1892   Megan Josh Wedding-1896Megan Josh Wedding-1896 Megan Josh Wedding-1552Megan Josh Wedding-1552 Megan Josh Wedding-1599Megan Josh Wedding-1599 Megan Josh Wedding-1632Megan Josh Wedding-1632 Megan Josh Wedding-1768Megan Josh Wedding-1768 Megan Josh Wedding-1820Megan Josh Wedding-1820 Megan Josh Wedding-2000Megan Josh Wedding-2000 Megan Josh Wedding-2015Megan Josh Wedding-2015 Megan Josh Wedding-2021Megan Josh Wedding-2021 Megan Josh Wedding-2043Megan Josh Wedding-2043 Megan Josh Wedding-2050Megan Josh Wedding-2050 Megan Josh Wedding-2055Megan Josh Wedding-2055 Megan Josh Wedding-2057Megan Josh Wedding-2057 Megan Josh Wedding-2077Megan Josh Wedding-2077 Megan Josh Wedding-2082Megan Josh Wedding-2082 Megan Josh Wedding-2128Megan Josh Wedding-2128 Megan Josh Wedding-2176Megan Josh Wedding-2176 Megan Josh Wedding-1468Megan Josh Wedding-1468 Megan Josh Wedding-1863Megan Josh Wedding-1863 Megan Josh Wedding-1921Megan Josh Wedding-1921

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